Cheap Torker Dx

Hey yall my younger brother is looking for a torker dx around 130 or 140 including shipping. If anyone has one or knows someone who is wanting to get rid of one, please let me know. Thanks.

Nobody Out there?


do not get one. my friend broke it the first day

Was he doing some pretty hardcore stuff on it or not? My brother just needs something thats strong enough to learn basic jumping and other simple tricks on. I’ve read alot of reviews and I know its not nearly the best one out there, but I thought people thought it was good enough if you don’t do to much hardcore stuff. I may be wrong, I don’t know. I never had a torker.

a torker DX is plenty string for learning AND trials/MUni there are plenty of people who have done countless drops between 4-7 feet and their DX’s haven’t broken yet. I’m not sure you’ll find one for around 130-140 including shipping unless someone is desperate to sell theirs sorry man… maybe tell your brother to save up a little more and buy a Nimbus 20" ISIS trials it will be good to learn on and beyond PLUS it’s around the same price as the torker DX brand new. You are looking for a 20" unicycle right?


The DX is the cheapest trials uni that will still take some abuse.

I have a partially stripped crank on mine but that was purely my fault, It would’ve happened on a Kris Holm.

I have high doubts in that. Elaborate how he broke it please.

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Yeah, I have a 19" DX and it is BURLY, no problems yet.

I have one of the older model 24 in, Torker DX’s I will sell for $100.00 + (you pay shipping). It has the Kenda K-Rad tire, and the frame that will not accomodate the wider tires???

looking for a 20"

Dude, you need to learn what uni is strong and what isnt because a Dx is easly two times better then your 16 garenteed.

2? thats all? haha

no. the dx is one of the strongest out there.

If you break it, its cause you have found some C4 in your garage.

I might be selling mine some time soon…one crank is a TINY little bit loose but you don’t even notice much at all and there are some scratches on the frame and cranks…and it has different metal platform pedals (Don’t remember name, but I can find out)
I’ll keep you posted

One pedal*** is a tiny little bit loose but you don’t notice unless you pay attention to it being loose

Anyone else out there?