cheap square taper cranks

Hey guys,
My friend recently stripped one of his Torker CX’s cranks and I was hoping if anyone happened to have a pair they don’t use anymore, or would like to get rid of. The length doesn’t matter too much as he is just learning but around the 125 mark would be great.

I have a bunch: 2 pairs of 150mm, a pair of 125mm, a pair of 110s and a pair of 102mm. Looking to sell the bunch (maybe $50).

By ‘the bunch’ do you mean all of them for $50 or can I just buy the pair of 125s. If yes, how much for just 125s?? :slight_smile:

By bunch, I did mean all of them.If you just want a pair, You can have them as long as you pay for the shipping (which is not really a lot).

Okay, cheers. How much for the cranks?? And do you know if these will fit on a Torker CX??

How about $10 including shipping?

Done! Have you got paypal??