cheap Splined hub and crankset

what is the cheapest splined setup out there…i need something strong but i have a very small budget (maybe 150-200$ CAD) or if someone has one that theyre willing to part with thats kool too.

I’m thinking Qu-Ax, but I could be wrong. (I also don’t know where you would order Qu-Ax parts from in Canada.)

Anyone else?

are you just looking for the hubs and cranks, or a wheelset, or a whole trails uni?

Judging from the title and some of his other recent threads, I’m thinking just the hub and crankset.

oh, then yeah, for a low price probably the qu-ax, or you can get koxx ones for a pretty decent price

im thinking maybe the koxx one … will from division8 told me it would be a total of 185CAD for the isis hub and cranks, but theyarent available until mid april. anyways i just e-mailed darren to see if he has tholder KH models in stock to see if i can get one of those for a decent price.

EDIT: jerrick thanks for the qu-ax idea but i wanted to just get it orderd from incanada cuz with the border taxes i could afford a 2005 Kh hbub and cranks for that much

Oh, i forgot about the border taxes, some of them are insanely high, almost have to pay for a whole unicycle to get one shipped lol

If you can get the koxx, i would really go for it, be better in the long run =p

yeah im just gonna do that i think…thanks guys.

The Koxx will be worth waiting for compared to the old KH or equivalent.