cheap splined hub and cranks

sorry if im making anyone mad about posting without searching but this time i did a couple searches and found nothing on the subject. i was wondering where i could find the cheapest splined cranks and hubs (preferably brand new but used is alright to as long as in good condition). i dont care how strong of a hub or cranks they are as long as they are splined. anybody know of any of the stores that might cary any (preferably Bedford or it would be greatly apriciated.


Torker DX

The new KH hub and crankset is only like $175 USD

I was going to say torker dx too but i dont think you can buy just the cranks/hub. I would get the Qu-ax from
they are 10 spline and cost 125

ya i was looking at those, i was wanting to build a 26" wheel set and frame that why im asking

does anybody have any they would be willing to sell if not in use? :thinking:

I might sell my first generation KH hub and cranks. No slop, or bends or cracks, right one is really scratched up though from grinding and grabs and junk.

PM me an offer.


You can get a Torker DX right now on ebay for 139+ shipping

ya but i have a limited budget for this project so buying a complete uni just for the cranks and hub i would just rather but the quax (i think thats what there called dont remember :frowning: )

the quax are a good hub/crank set, Just remember they take 48 spokes (& i think the torkers are also 48 spokes) so youll need 48 hole rim!

ya, but if anyone has the torker hub and crank set please ill be willing to but them :slight_smile: just as long as they are in fairly good cond. i dont mind scratches or that but please not bent