cheap recording options?

I’m wondering what options are available to me as i’m on a tight budget, but I still think it would be a good idea to get some video recording equipment so I can upload vids to my computer and look at my progress and development and (maybe) if i ever get to do sick stuff :o post up on the forums.

any ideas? (retailers and equipment etc.etc.)

ps. and i’m signed up with ebay, so i guess i could also try there…

Do you have any kind of a video camera now or even a digital still camera that can do video?

Even if you have an old style (non-digital) video camera you can use video capture tools to get the video on the computer. USB gadgets that do video capture are in the $50 to $100 range. They’ll allow you to capture video from an analog video source like a VCR or old style analog video camera and get that video onto the computer for editing.

Digital still cameras can take low resolution video clips, usually in the 15 second to 30 second range.

i could borrow my dad’s camera, but i’m worried about what he’d say and i’m figuring my really cheap and tacky low res digital still camera that i use for my webcam isn’t really of much use. :frowning:

however, I’ve just seen the nks system and I figure maybe that’s something to aim for in terms of charting my progress?

but if i did want to record vids, maybe i’d better just look for a cheap analog camera…

i’d suggest reading this site camcorderinfo. it’s really good and you can look at different price ranges and such. for ~$350 i got the “best camera under $400” according to them and i love it. panasonic pv-gs 39. i’d also recommend getting miniDV format. digital 8 is okay too but miniDV is where it’s at.