Cheap no-name unicycles

I bought two cheap no-name brand unicycles, a 20" and a 24" made in China for the purpose of learning and after only several weeks, the pedals have needed replacing and the plastic guards on the seats are broken and one has needed the seat post clamp replaced. Please tell me that when I upgrade to more expensive models, the quality will be better!

The quality will be better. So far I’ve had 2 Nimbuses (or whatever the plural of Nimbus is), a Koxx-one, and a Coker-Nimbus-KH mix. I’ve only had one problem, and it was covered by the warranty.

This is a similar thread that I posted on that has some links to some good options.

That’s strange. I bought a no-name unicycle in china to learn on and it’s suprisingly strong. I don’t do big drops and have only been riding for a few months but there hasn’t been a single problem. I bought mine for $15 at a wholesaler.

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Not all cheap unicycles are created equal. Kinda weird that way. The one I learned on was a Norco from the 80s. It’s got the lolly pops, metal bumpers, and a seat thats rigid and wide. It would be a gym’s worst nightmare, but I did learn to ride on it.

I have others that I picked up if a friend want’s to learn but their passion level is limited. They work for limited activities. There’s no way I’d take them down a drop more then an inch, and the riders are limited to maximum of smaller adults, say under 175 lbs. I also have a unicycle that I spent $200 on which has been surprisingly steady (not sure if that’s considered cheap). The shop sold it as a municycle, and to be fair it is beefed up a bit with a better tire and slightly stronger rim. It’s been a good ride, and I’ve logged a good 1000 km on it riding all the way through the winter. No major tricks or stunts on it though cause I can tell it wouldn’t handle it.

Upgrading to better brands, you will notice a difference. I’m not sure what the magic price point is. Depends what you want to do. The greatest benefit to a cheap unicycle is that you can learn how to ride, determine if it’s a sport you want to pursue and then sort out what you want to do. The down fall, sometimes they are too cheap and make the learning curve really tough…

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A little late

sorry this repply is a little late but i only just noticed now. The best price for a learners unicycle is $150 - $200, the best price for a street or trials unicycle is
$400 - $600. A muni would be $300 - $500. A road uni would be $800 - $900. And a girraffe uni would be $300 - $700.

Hopes this helps.

I bought a no-name unicycle with a price of $180. I will buy a new one soon.