Cheap MUni Recomendations

Seeing as I might be out of ajob soon, I don’t know if I will be getting onw soon, but God knows I want one.

I am looking for suggestions on a cheap MUni. By cheap I mean something in the under $200. I don’t think I will be any LARGE drops on it anythime soon. I am looking to get one for lite trail riding, fire break roads and that sort of stuff. I have been browsing and the made a list of all the uni’s under $200. Please provide feedback on what ever you can.

Schwinn 24-inch Off-Road with Kenda Kenetic 24 x 2.

United 24-inch Off-Road with Miyata Saddle, Suzue 36-spoke Hub and Kovachi Wheel

United 24-inch Off-Road with Miyata Saddle and 36-spoke Hub

United 24-inch Off-Road with Viscount saddle

$100 - $120
24 inch Stealth Torker

I couldn’t find this any where, but my LBS said that they could order it. In a previous thread, someone mentioned that it would work as a cheap MUni if I upgraded the tire.

Thanks for all the help.

I own the $179 United Muni. I, too, didn’t have a whole lot of money, but I figured while I was spending the money I might as well put a little extra to get the wheel upgrades and a Miyata saddle. I got an air saddle for Christmas but haven’t really gotten to try it out much yet since it’s been very cold and gets dark so early.

It’s worked fine for me. I haven’t done anything bigger than 6" drops onto grass, but it could probably handle higher than that I’d imagine. The tire’s not too wide, but I’ve never tried anything wider so I don’t know how big a difference that makes. It has a nice rim, I think. It weighs less than the old 20" Schwinn I got off ebay.

I think it would work good for you if you’re looking for a decent Muni to get around on and don’t do any huge drops. But if you’re spending the money I suggest you go ahead and get the little more expensive one. (which is still only $179)


I have almost have the same one as Nikki. My United was the $159 one. That also works fine for me. I’ve had it for about 4 1/2 months now, and no complaints. I even took it off of a 3 foot drop (a picnic table) 10 or 20 times. The spokes didn’t ever budge or bend.

If you want to go real cheap, I’d go with this one. The Schwinn has a Viscout saddle, which I do not reccomend. Even though Miyata’s reputation is dying, you’re going to need a handle for MUni. The stealth Torker, looks cool, but I had a Torker once. It held up for about 2 weeks and then it sucked. The crank arms started coming loose, and whenever I tightened them, they just got loose again. The saddle started ripping apart, and anyway, I think the stealth is freestyle. As for the other United with the viscount saddle, again don’t get Viscount.

Nikki’s with the Kovachi wheel is the best there. If anything under $200 goes, get the $179 one.


I agree with the other two, I have a united trials and it holds up well (frame is good on the muni) for trail riding the cranks should be fine and if they do break its only 15 bucks for new ones. Buy the $179 uni, It has a pretty good rim (light) and Kovachi is a good wheel builder. The united seat is also a great idea, They cost 48$ american so the upgrade is a good deal (especialy if you want to put an airseat on it).


Another option…

I picked my first up off Ebay. There are a few 24" Black Torkers floating around cheaper than $100. A problem I had with the black Torker is with the QR. No matter how tight is was, I could twist the seat and it dropped a few times on me.

make sure you get something you can grow with,
get a yuni/nimbusii frame if you can afford it (not expensive). this will alow you to use a 24x3" tyre, which is realy what you need for muni.
wider tyres are worth having.

don’t bother with a splined hub on your first muni, some people manage to run a suzue hub for years on a muni. if you break it then upgrade.

if you can get one then a kh saddle is going to last longer than a miyata and cost less.

i’d reccomoend that you build a uni from parts rather than going for an off the peg solution, unless its much cheaper of course.

you certainly wouldn’t be able to fit a 24x3 tyre in a stealth torker, the frames not wide enough.

wide frame = wide tyre