Cheap muni, or decent wheel?

Ok, guys, I’m looking at two options to get me a muni on a budget of around £150ish, and would appreciate your comments and advice.

Option 1 - Entry level muni, such as the Numbus 24" muni from for £160.

Option 2 - Use my existing 29" Nimbus frame, saddle and pedals, and buy a 24" wheel with splined hub ( I then have the option to upgrade to a suitable size frame at a later date.

Whist I’m happy to admit that my muni skills won’t currently challenge a non-splined hub, if I plan on doing more of this, then I’m eventually going to need something a bit stronger. So, I’m a bit worried that option 1 is only a short term fix that’ll be wasted money in a year or two.

However, I can also imaine that a 24" wheel in a 29" frame is going to look more than just a bit odd. But, apart from the look, would there be anything else wrong with this approach? Would it work? Am I limited which hubs will fit the Nimbus frame?



Sorry I can’t help with the pricing and stuff, I don’t know much about UK money and prices. :o

Apart from having a looks, a 29" frame would be heavier than a 24", and might get in your way more, seems like you would hit your knees on it a lot, I’m not sure…

I’d reccomend getting another uni if you can, that way you’ll have two different sizes at once. If you don’t, you’ll just end up[ buying another sooner or later! Check out the Qu-Ax cross, it’s a good non-splined muni.

My philosophy is to splurge on the wheel and skimp on the frame. In other words, the frame is the last place you should put money in. The wheel and the seat are more important. It is also pretty much the wheel and cranks that define the muni. The frame is just there to hold it all together.

So I’d go for the strong wheel in your existing 29er frame. Roger or someone else at would know if it will all fit so give them a call or email before ordering.

Even if you aren’t doing big drops or other abusive riding, a splined crank is still very much a benefit. For one the splined cranks will stay tight and you won’t have to worry about having a crank fall off in the middle of a ride. It’s a much more reliable setup.

for cheap and god torker dx is the way to go

Thank all for the replies. John’s reply pretty much confirms what I wanted to hear, so I’ll be chucking some of my hard earned towards Roger in the near future.

Now… do I go for the white rim or the black rim? :thinking:



the rim is completely up to you…but i woudl say black if you wanna do muni cuz white would be a waste i think.

If I get a black rim, I’ll never wash or clean the uni. But if I had a white one then… Ummm… Well, I’d probably still never wash it, but I’d feel guilty about it every time I looked at it!


if theres one thing a muni is suppose to be its dirty! its not a muni until its got a nice thick coat of mud on it without that its just a beefy 24" if you keep it too clean your gonna give your muni a complex, hes not gonna kno who he is!

Look in the trading post, a friend of mine (Halfrubbish) is selling a 24" Muni on ebay for sensible money that is splined and genreally tasty, and will do you better than either of your other options.

Oooh, ta for the tip off. Ebay checked, and bid placed :slight_smile:

Although it’s got a white rim though. I’ve heard that if it’s got a white rim, and I keep it clean, then it’s not going to know what kind of uni it’s supposed to be! :slight_smile:


its not just with a white rim its with anyrim…a clean muni is a sad muni.