Cheap Learner Unicycle in Canada

Hi everyone,

I have a friend who I’m teaching to ride in Brockville, ON, Canada. He is learning on my kh20 (and is doing really well!) but only has $75.00 to spend on a uni. He’s learning to ride for a school play in February so the sooner he gets one of his own the better…does anyone have a used one that they are willing to part with for that price maximum? If so let me know, it would be really appreciated.



i have a 24 inch balance uni…i just bought new cranks, pedals and a tire and tube…when i first got it i taped the seat with yellow duct tape so i wouldnt rip the leather but you could take that off if u wanted :)…neways lemme know if you or your friend is interested…it rides great, but just bought my trials so dont really ride it nemore

Sweet! Just before I relay the info. to him can you post a picture? Also where are you located, for in tems of shipping cause as I said he’s only got $75 so it cant be crazy shipping costs aha :stuck_out_tongue:



yea sorry man ill try to post a pic up here tonight…and i live in fort wayne indiana…46845

Perfect, once the picture is up I will show it to my friend, get his thoughts and we can go from there :slight_smile:

here it is man i got some more if you’d like…new cranks,tire,tire tube, and pedals…ive ridin it maybe 10 times since the upgrade…hope u like it

Alright, so I talked to him and showed him the picture and he is %100 interested! :smiley: he wants to know though how much you’re asking for the unicycle itself? Then I will have to calculate shipping costs onto that to see if he has enough.


i pm’ed you