Cheap Kris Holm Muni's in Aus

Hey guys, just thought i let you know is having a winter sale on kris holm muni’s. they are 25% off taking the price from 825 to 595. i’m not sure if anyone in australia really cares but i thought i’d let you know just incase.

that would be good but theres not a sale on the KH trials which is a bitch cause thats the one i want

yeah i need to buy maself a trials uni too.

when i saw it tonight i got real excited then i found out that it wasnt for the trials i was like ergh damnit!

i was thinking about getting something along these lines for trials

pretty decent, $500 isnt too expensive. Ive got to buy some more freestyle parts before that though. Argh i need a proper job.

yeah it looks pretty good. you could also get a qu-ax 20" for around that price too

ive looked at that one but decided to get the quax (for now anyway). i also need a proper job.

Arithmetic is either really hard or different in the southern hemisphere.

There are KH Muni’s for $595 everywhere now UDC,

Edit: The link said “unicycles”, so I thought it was a link to GAP unicycles.

wow, I just converted that to USD from AUD, and apparently Kris Holm unicycles are $100 USD more expensive in Australia than the US. I suppose that’s to cover shipping around the world?

Yep thats right.

just go to this site for you aussie unicycling needs

yea thats where i bought my 24" Nimbus II from.

Nah i reckon is better cos they have a better range and they are really helpfull and stuff. Plus anything they dont have in stock they can get for you from the UK or the US.


true but that site is cheaper

yeah only by like 10 bucks though. is even cheaper, and if you e-mail Mal he can the probably get same stuff as UDC. I think Mal said that UDC gets their stuff from the same place he does.

but if you had to get parts from overseas you’d get owned by shipping costs? Or do they just ship it in bulk orders with all their other stuff :thinking: