cheap KH20 alternatives?

I’m considering getting a 20" trials uni. The KH20 looks like an excellent
option, and certianly a good deal for what you’re getting… but, being a
college student and all, I’m looking for something cheaper.

I want a fat tire and a flat crown. I remember hearing talks about Norco,
and Nimbus working something like that out. Are these available yet? When
(how) might they be available in the states?

While I’m on the topic, does anyone have any comments on the use of a
monty tire for freestyle tricks? I’d hope to be able to do both
freestyle and trials with that setup. What tricks would become harder
with a fat tire?

For the trials folks, do you slow down any when the snow starts falling?
I’d imagine a good percentage of obstacles would easily freeze, and
develop patches of ice.

Jeff Lutkus

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