Cheap KH hubs

Has anyone seen how cheap the KH hub/cranksets are on £60 for the hub and £85 for the hub AND cranks! What madness is this? I paid £90 for just the hub a while back, now you can buy a hub AND cranks for less than that? It’s cheaper than the CHEAP Qu-Ax ones! BUY BUY BUY I say to all those looking for a quality splined hub/crankset!

Is this because of the new hub/crank set being developed???

Yeah, they are cheap because a new set is coming out…

Still, it is not as bad as when I bought my camera - I paid £240 for it, and 8 months later it is being advertised for £90!!! :angry:

So if anyone wants a kh sets, head over to Unicycle.Uk.Com


The worst is when you buy like the consoles. They start out at like $700 and go down to like $100. I’m glad I never owned more than an N64

My girlfriend’s dad paid £400 for a Haga replica bike helmet, but now it’s going for just over £200, so he’s cheesed off to say the least!