Cheap (inexpensive) unicycles

This is a product comparison.

I ordered and received two 20" unicycles from just before Christmas. One was a Torker, for the flat crown, the other was a Jugglebug, for the bright, blue color. Drummond try to talk me out of both of them because they were not designed for adults and he felt that I would be dissatisfied with them because they wouldn’t hold up. I am absolutely convinced that he was looking out for my best interests and not trying to sell me a more expensive cycle to make a buck. The guy just doesn’t work that way.

I chose the Jugglebug over the United (both available in bright blue in 20") simply because there was an option for a 400mm seatpost which my height required. The plastic rim has a partial lip to hold the tire bead which was said to be inadequate or nonexistent by others in the community. The tire on mine has stayed on and the tube has not crept out. I use the plastic unicycle mainly to chase the dog and cat around the house while I ring a bell that I received from some friends from het Nederlands that I mounted onto the seatpost. My wife thinks this is bad form but I know that the animals love it. I have done some outdoor riding and hopping but not off of or onto curbs.

The Torker is a cycle that I have used for light curb hopping, one-foot training, and general urban riding but only for about 10 or 15 miles total so far. I put a Viscount saddle on it the day I received my air seat for my Coker.

The seat on the Jugglebug is much more comfortable and adult sized than the stock one on the Torker. The pedals on the Jugglebug are also much sturdier. I trust the axle/hub joint on the Torker more because it is welded as opposed to the Jugglebug which is pressed although it may be a spline press and I can’t tell.

As I begin to slowly destroy these two toys to a greater extent I will let you know more.