cheap hookworms (used, nice) in Naperville

The Performance Bike shop in Naperville (illinois) has a couple of gently used Maxxis Hookworms for sale, something like $20 each.

The guy mentioned them to me while i was ordering some Nokian XXX 2.4’s for my bike. I told him that they were v. popular with the uni crowd and that i’d mention them here. He’d recently seen the KH stuff on tv and thought it was pretty cool – he might be a future uni rider. He also mentioned they just sold a special-order uni to someone – anyone here from Naperville?

fyi, hth, fwiw, etc, hand.

*which reminds me: i was very impressed
with my Nokian (mfd by Soumi) Extreme 294
superstudded tires over the winter.

What size are the hookworms?

im looking for a 26" hookworm.

They were on his MTB, so i’m guessing 26".


At school I am about 2 and a half hours away from Naperville, but at home I’m only about 45 minutes away, and seeing as that’s not too bad, I’d really like to know something about that bike shop.

Do you have a phone number, website, address, anything that I can have about that bike shop. If they’re selling special order unis I gotta get on that train!

off topic, but brave sir, do you do urban assult stuff on your bike? I don’t iknow another reason you would have bought the xxx’s… hardtail pride

It’s the Performance Bike store in Naperville. I wouldn’t hurry too quickly for the train – most bike stores would be happy to order you a uni – nothing special about these guys wrt that.

I’m sorry to say that i bought them simply because they’re bigger and badder and q00ler looking than the tires my riding buddies have. I do like the extended cornering envelope they provide, though. My urban assault generally consists of a fairly vanilla 8.5 mile (each way) commute along the Fox River Trail