Cheap Hokey Spokes alternative.

For all you exhibitionists out there.

Ten light sticks for less than the price of one hokey spoke. All you need to do is work out how to attach them to your spokes. Enjoy.

wow thats a lot better buy than (sorry guys you are still brilliant!)
wonder how to attach them securley though…


You could just use some cable ties

Just think… you could put them under your saddle, on your frame, on the inside side of your crank, on your spokes and maybe even on your rim! :smiley:

I might get some… I’ll let you know if i do


WOAH!!! I’ve just had the greatest idea EVER!!

You could put them round the frame on a giraffe! I think it would look pritty cool! :sunglasses: It would look like you are riding on light :roll_eyes:

just a thought…


i got some of them, they’re bril (i use them for poi tho)
i think the blue white and red ones are the best others good too of corse.
have you seen these