*Cheap* Handle options for Viscount Saddles?

Currently there is a saddle shortage in the daino uni stable. Due to the recent destruction of a couple Miyata saddles, I am now short a few seats. I have the Viscount that came on my Summit (no one told me they were going to go on sale with the KH saddle), but I don’t want to use it on my Summit because it has no handle. I also don’t want to use it on my distance cycle :astonished: . So I was wondering what cheap options I have for getting a handle on my Viscount. Keep in mind that I did sat cheap, so don’t even mention reeder. I am particularly interested in mounting a Kinport or similar uhmw plastic handle.

I know I could just order a new Saddle (in fact I have a KH “in the mail”). But I actually like the Viscount, mainly because it feels like something I won’t be able to break :D.


Here is a link to a gallery where SH shows how he mounted a Kinport to a Viscount. I’m no SH, but this I might be able to handle. What do you think?


Sounds like a great idea to me. I had a Reeder on my Viscount for quite a while until I moved it to a CF.