Cheap freestyle unis

Our juggling club is going to buy two unicycles, one 20" and one 24". We have got 4000kr=320£=472,3EUR

We have looked at the unicycles, does anyone know anything about these.

We have also looked at and the Qu-ax uni professional 20" and the Qu-ax standard 24"?

Any other suggestions are appreciated, but keep in mind that we are located in Norway, so they need to be from Europe


You could get a couple of Nimbus unicycles from here for your budget:

Nice and sturdy


a couple of DMs:

DM make good quality unicycles

I wouldn’t bother with the cheap ones from oddballs


I have a qu-ax professional 20", and it is holding up fine. The only problem is that tires wider than 1.75" won’t fit in the frame.

The Nimbus II 2003 20" and 24" from are right on budget, shipping included.

Torker LX are about $100. They are probably the best in that price range.