Cheap ebay unicycle?

I want to buy a unicycle and learn how to ride it, but I’m not sure which kind I should buy. Right now I can afford a cheap unicycle from ebay, which is about $60. My question is: Is that a good enough unicycle for learning on? I don’t want it to break while I’m still learning and have to buy a new one. I’ve never owned a unicycle before, so I’m not sure if it would break just from falling down while I learn to ride.

Also, are the any websites that sell used unicycles? I’ve already checked Craigslist, and nobody’s selling them near me.

Can you provide a link to the eBay advertisement?

Yea, sorry I forgot that.

The unicycle shown in the photo is definitely not a 24". It looks more like a 16" which is too small for an adult to learn on. The unicycle shown has an OK saddle but not the best. It would take substantial abuse falling and hitting the hard plastic handle in front. It also has main cap bearings which is a plus. I would want to know if the seller is selling a 24" unicycle or the one pictured. A 24" unicycle of the same make would be OK to learn on. So would a 20".

Some say a 20" is easier to learn on. I learned on a 20" but I don’t necessarily agree with the 20" is easier mantra. I was 11 years old at the time and at that age it may have made a difference. My shorter neighbor learned on a 24" at about the same time and he had no difficulty.

A 24" is more versatile than a 20" because you can actually ride faster than walking speed easily. If you’re tall enough I think a 24" is the way to go. Find out what they guy is really selling. The 24" should refer to the wheel size, not the overall height or some other silly dimension.

Good luck learning.

Wow, thanks! I’m contacting the seller right now to see if they have a picture of the actual unicycle.

I also found an Avenir unicycle which isn’t that much more. Could you tell me if this would be a better choice than the one from ebay?

Now that’s a 24" unicycle. It has 150mm cranks, main cap bearings, and it looks like a plastic guarded saddle but without a handle. This will work fine to learn on but it won’t take a whole lot of abuse. You could probably hop up and down curbs without breaking it but not much more. The cheap cranks on it will bend or break if they are abused. Again, if you just want to learn to ride it will hold up quite well.

If your inseam is over 30" you’ll need a longer seat post than the one shown. Seat posts are only about $10 or $15 for cheap saddles like that.

Thanks for all the help. I’ll probably buy the Avenir unicycle, then get a new seatpost because my inseam is 31".

Try the seat post first. And have fun learning. And don’t give up on the eBay find, maybe it’s a 24".

I’m still waiting for a reply, so I’m holding off buying anything until I hear something from them.

Between those two, I would go for the blue one. Though it’s (probably) a Chinese knock-off of a different Chinese seat that used to be made in Japan, it’s probably better in the long run that what comes with the Avenir. The listing says it’s a 24" wheel, so my guess is that they’re using the same picture for various wheel sizes. If it turns out not to be 24" wheel, you can request a refund using their ad as the reason.

I got sucked into eBay again. I like the vintage press photos they’re selling on there. One was of USA founding member Bernard Crandall (hosted the first actual USA convention). Another is of his son Clyde, both from 1971. The majority of those cool old photos are from where I grew up. Maybe I was exposed to more unicycling than most people during my childhood?

Johnfoss, why would the blue one be better in the long run?

The blue one has a better saddle, is cheaper, and is mechanically as sound as the other one.