Cheap cranks for 20 in uni

I stripped a crank arm and figured I’d get a new set. Any cheap cranks available? The ugly ones you strung on the patio as a wind chime, perhaps?

Square taper

I’m in Arizona

I’ve got a brand new set of 127mm square taper chrome cranks I could sell you for $10 + shipping. They might fit in a $5 shipping box, but I’m not sure. I recently purchased them from UDC with the hope of making my 26" commuter faster, but I didn’t like the loss of torque with the larger wheel and have since remounted my 150’s.

Sent pm. Also, how far do you commute on your 26?

The cranks are on their way. Thanks for the purchase.

My commute is pretty short, only 5 miles with one short hill climb. My 26" works fine for the task, but I’m hoping to pickup a new 29" Nimbus Drak when UDC recieves it’s next shipment.

ya i got a pair of 127 mm stainless steel silver ones

Thanks Teej, but I’m good now