Cheap Cokers!

Yeah! Cheap Cokers on There just in my price range.

My question to all the fine people here is…should I get one? I am only about a level two, progressing fairly slowly for my liking. (tried a pedal grap my last ride, scared the crap out of me) Is it worth it?

I don’t think you’ll need to do pedal grabs to ride a Coker. :smiley:

They look like a pretty good deal, especially because they come with a Velo saddle instead of Viscount. I don’t have a place to ride one (or the $ to buy one).

I’m only level 2 as well, and I tried riding a Coker once. I think with more practice I could ride one, so I’m sure you can ride one just fine. If you’ve got places to ride long distances and the money to buy one, go for it.


if your going to get a coker, i’d suggest getting one from Darren Bedford (your in canada right?) the shipping on that big wheel all the way from and the currency exchange, and the costoms, the brokerage, it will all raise the final cost significantly. If you’re coming to the TOQUE games in Toronto, you could just pick it up then! or you could just get him to mail it to you. good luck with your new unicycle.


my coker after shipping and customs $720.

Darren’s cokers - $550

Although this one is is is $50 us cheaper, and has a Velo. Those prices might be very close to each other.

Nikkifrog is right: you need somewhere to ride one. A Coker is not a ‘back yard toy’.

Cokers are very good fun indeed. They ride like no other uni. They look amazing. They draw gasps of admiration from the public. They go fast.

They idle like a beam engine, and you’d have to be pretty keen to do more ‘tricks’ on one than idle a bit and maybe reverse short distances. Cokers are for riding.

Is this what you want: a big fun A to B unicycle that blasts over or through obstacles which would be ‘technical’ on a smaller wheel? If so, go for it. You don’t need levels to ride a Coker. In fact you don’t need levels to ride a 20, but that’s a different point. People have learned on Cokers as a first unicycle.

A 28 is more versatile and practical for commuting, a 26 MUni is more capable off road, a 24 is more nimble, a 20 is better for tricks, a giraffe is taller, a stitch in time saves nine, and many a mickle mak’s a muckle. But none of them is a Coker…