Cheap awesome pedals!

I found these on Danscomp and at first i thought the were a mistake but I guess they really are that cheap. I mean 15.3 ounce mag pedals for 20 bucks is crazy. Does anyone know if these suck or something or is just a great deal.

Oh whoops I’ll try again.

If you are pedal grabbing it may but for stuff like muni that would be awesome.

I’ve been looking around this website for pedals and see (sealed) and (unsealed), what’s the difference?

15 ounces is like 450 grams right? So they’re not real light, but still, cheaper than most aluminium pedals. I’d get them if they had more pins.

15 oz = 425g!

I have those pedals on my MUni and I must say I really love them. I changed around the pedals for some expensive DMR V8 such as these:

and ended up coming back to the cheap wellgos since they worked better

Just got a set of those in the mail today. They’re narrower than the Odyssey Trailmixes, but I think they’ll work fine on my MUni.

ewww, metal…

sealed has sealed bearings to help keep water and mud out.
unsealed doesnt.
a good hard rider (especially trials or grinding) will break both.
he will just break the sealed ones first

yeha these are the pedals that came with my torker dx

Maybe you are on to something

Welgo isn’t a bad brand. Maybe mag stuff is getting cheaper. Write us up a report next month.:slight_smile:

Sealed bearings pedals have one or more mini versions of the same kind of sealed bearings that your wheel has. These bearings can be bought online for about 1 $ each, in lot’s of 10. These are useful mostly in expensive pedals, allowing the whole bearing to be replaced easily. Sealed bearing pedals with mag bodies and Ti axles don’t have to junk the whole kit once the bearing get’s rotten. 1$ a side, and you are rebuilt.:slight_smile:

Loose bearing pedals have larger bearing balls, with the outer race built into the pedal body. These have the advantage of great strength for the $, and many riders consider them more reliable, at least when new. On most sealed bearing designs (all ?), a bad bearing failure may cause the pedal to slip off the axle. :astonished: However, rebuilding a loose bearing pedal is a nasty greasy job, and the outer bearing race is built into the pedal. I’m not saying you can’t rebuild loose bearing pedals , just that it’s a messy pain, and won’t do any good once the outer race is damaged.

Also, if you are often seriously smashing your pedal body to crap a lot, loose bearing pedals are great. There is no point in fixing the bearings in a pedal with a busted platform. So there are a lot of good loose bearing pedals in the <30 $ range. Screw it up, then screw in a new set. :slight_smile: