Cheap-As-Free BC wheel! (but is it possible?)

So, my neighbor/uni buddy made himself a BC wheel out of free scrap bike stuff he had laying around, and wanted me to post this for him. Now, what I wanna know is whether anyone has made something like this before, and whether it should be rideable even in theory.

EDIT: After looking at the picture, I feel like I should mention that the gears have been removed. That will improve it quite a bit, methinks.


Other picture:


From the point of view of a non-BC wheeler:

I think it looks like a very good idea! I had wondered how to make strong drop plates, that design would seem to answer the question! The only thing I could see as being problem is the nuts sticking into your legs as you ride, but I think you would have that no matter the design. Also maybe BC wheelers want longer plates that don’t pivot the way a pedal would?

Good deal! But use caution with that wheel. The rear wheel of a bike with a gear cluster is dished, and laterally very weak. It’s not made to deal with lateral stress, and you’ll notice the spokes on the cluster side go almost straight from rim to hub to rim. You might want to re-true the wheel to correct the dish before the wheel folds.

you should leave the gears on, it will help when you go up hills that are too steep

oh yeah, get some crazy ratchet action going on… scoot yourself up a hill.

that woiuld be pretty cool, actually.

that was my idea!! for real, I posted it somewhere long long ago…to just use two short crank arms and pedals, and put 'em facing the same direction, and make it freewheel. I TOTALLY came up with that before him. but I didn’t have stuff, so I didn’t make it. :slight_smile:
in conclusion, it’s a good idea, and I think it will work.

I have a similar wheel, but it’s the front wheel off an old BMX bike and the pedals and cranks are from a kids bike found at a junk yard. I haven’t tried it much but I’ve wondered if having the pedals spin on their axel (not just the wheels axel) would make riding the thing harder than if they were fixed like with regular BC wheel plates.

Thoughts from anyone who can ride a BC wheel?

I can ride one and am wondering if it might make it easy to turn on it, having your feet be able to change, for example, if you wanted to hook a left turn, perhaps having your right foot be able to point toe down might assist in a sharper turn?

I’m having a tough time picturing if it would ‘actually’ help, but I think it would help your body adjust in a more turn-friendly way

it might be harder to mount jump style, but you get used to everything with practice, don’t you?

The pedal issue was one I was wondering about too. If it would make it easier, they could probably be welded stationary, but I wonder if it might be better this way.

I want the opinion of somebody who is really good.

The best BC wheeler in the world would only be able to speculate based on absolutely nothing as it would be something completely different than a current one anyways.

build one and ride it, and post your results

Well, aight. Results: Failure. as of now, anyway. I’m gonna go try it some.

I think jump mounts would be harder because the pedals might spin. I would weight down 1 side of the pedal so its harder for them to spin. It might be harder to hop because the bolts are pretty small and they look further up. My bolts go on the top of my shoe so its easy to grab them. With spinning pedals, the cranks probably wont have to move much because when you lean back and forth just the pedals will move opposed to the whole platform (i dont think thats really an advantage or disadvantage) I think the advantage of having cranks there is that you could get longer or shorter cranks to make it easier or harder to ride (higher or lower CG) If I were you I would practice with that then try some bedford platforms (or something similar) then decided if its harder to ride.
Edit: what size wheel is that?

the wheel is a 24".

Does anybody else have a 24" BC? I haven’t seen one before.

yeah, one time on Bedford’s photo gallery I saw a 24" BC Wheel with a 3.0" Gazzaloddi tire…it was flippin’ sweet.

oh by the way: to solve the jump mounting problem, you could maybe get platform pedals so if they’re vertical when you land on 'em it’ll spin right. still would be hard though, I think.

Re: Cheap-As-Free BC wheel! (but is it possible?)

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Evan has a 24" bc with a duro leopard on it now. He likes it but i dont. The tire hits my knees and i fall off. Its either because im short or i ride with my knees to far inwards.

Put Strong magnets in the pedals and put little metal circles on the bottom of your shoes. They might pin when you get close but you will land flat.