Cheap and used Unicycles

Hey guy, I am trying to start a club or a kind of unicycle group here in Spokane.
I want to be able to get kids on unicycles and try and get some new people into this sport this summer.

What I am looking for is old or cheap unicycles that you guys don’t want anymore, don’t really use or that are taking up space in your garage. I will be keeping them and using them at any meeting that i get set up. Or bringing them to the park so people can try them out.

I don’t have a lot of money, so if you want money for your unicycles i cant offer very much… But i am willing to pay for the shipping if you have one to throw at me…

let me know guy,

That’s a great idea! I have been buying them, in parts or whole, from ebay. Building wheels from parts (buying hubs and salvaging rims, spokes, tires, and tube from junk bikes), and have put together 11 unis I use for the free classes I offer two nights a week. I have 22 students since starting in November 2007, and may be starting a club if there is interest.
If anyone in the Michigan area has unicycles they no longer need, and are willing to part with, let me know. I’ll drive a reasonable distance to avoid the shipping costs.

im not trying to be rude… but please dont thread jack… its cool to see people trying to do the same thing as me… but it would be nice if you advertised on a thread of your own…

again… not trying to be rude but i am throwing this thread out there for everyone… including other people in Michigan

Point taken.
Considered that only after posting. Was only intending to suggest that anyone local to me might want to offer a unicycle to help a more local concern.
And I don’t consider your response to be rude.

¡gracias! sir

bumpin it’

Well i don’t have a spare but if you look on ebay there are a ton of cheap ones.

I got an 18" for $20 bucks inc shipping and a 24" for $60. It easy to get them cheaply because not many people are bidding on them :slight_smile: