Cheap alternative to Bike Shorts

I have some bike jerseys that were worth every penny. (go out and get some)

Cycling shorts with a chamois? I can see this although I’ve never used one, I can see the benefits.

Cycling shorts with no added things? For $50-80 cdn? No thanks

My wife works at Cotton Ginny (yes a LADIES store)

They have ‘bike shorts’ there. I wear these every time uni-ing or biking. ‘Ladies shorts ?!?’ (I can picture it now) Just think, how gay (used as an expression, not a direct insult to anybody)do you look in your ‘Mens cycling shorts’?

They were 10 bucks, and have no seams in the wrong places, they are cotton, but thin, you don’t sweat exesively, and they keep up the goods.

Cons? They don’t have ‘rip-stop’ or anything like that, but one of my sets is going into it’s 3rd season. Although it’s starting to wear in the pouchal area, I guess they don’t plan for that!