cheap 36ers?

im look for 36ers under 500 or about that in CANADA… not looking forward to 600+ dollars for a 36er…

Wow. You quoted the guy and, in your quote, in CAPITAL LETTERS even, it reads “CANADA.” Then, the first link you gave him was for a unicycle for OVER $500 and the page specifically says that Canadian orders will be subject to additional fees, taxes, duties, etc.

Did you read the post? You quoted it but did you read it?

After shipping, duities, and brokerage fees the Coker will end up being more expensive than the Nimbus Nightrider Pro from

The Titan might end up being a bit cheeper but is a vastly inferior product.

You could call Daren Bedford and see if he has any 36ers. Last I checked he didn’t but it is worth a try.

not an immediate solution but you could send an e-mail to Pete at and ask if he would consider stocking some of the cheeper 36ers in the future.

The used 36er market is pretty dry up here.

It’s the contraction, you’re.

-The all-seeing Eye


Have you tried ebay yet???

You never know, 1 might pop-up that’s perfect for your budget. (that includes shipping, postage, etc) :smiley:

Whatever you do, don’t order a 36er that will ship from anywhere other then Canada. Just don’t do it. You will cry when it arrives at the door and you are forced to pay half the value of the uni COD.

You do know where Harper lives, right?

The location could be a little more desirable but the view is awesome.


yes i have… nothing up yet i have checked about 3 times a week for about a month now but most if not everything is in usa. Yes i will not order out of canada. i know the whole duties deal from danscomp lol

into the blue you my friend are awesome i love how you always comment off topic and add a little of humour to the thread :slight_smile:

Yeah. I remember that day well. :frowning: