Cheap 22.0 / 22.2 seatpost

Looking for a longer (300 mm or up) seatpost to replace the too-small one in a secondhand uni I just picked up. The existing one is 22.0 mm, but I think 22.2 mm would also work with proper “encouragement” from me.

UDC sells the club post in 300 mm length for $12, but throw in the tax and shipping and it comes perilously close to the $20 the whole uni cost me. Maybe you’ve got something lying around, all scratched up and dusty, that could do the trick?

You should go ask your local bikeshop, I know I can get 22.0mm seatposts for 7.50$. I’d get one for you, but shipping it will make it higher than UDC probably! If you can’t find anything PM me, I’ll check for shipping.

And how is getting a bike seatpost supposed to help?

Decided to order one from UDC after all, since there were a couple of other things I could use. So the $20 unicycle doubles in price… hopefully it ends there!