Cheap 150mm Square cranks

I decided I wanted to have some really cheap 150mm square taper cranks to start doing Muni on my Coker.

So, if anyone has 150mm cranks, I just want non-bented cranks, I dont really mind if they are light or not, good condition or not or anything else… Show me what you got in 150mm(or close to it(145mm?))!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got some black steel 150’s that I think are straight, but I’m not sure. I had some bent pedals on them so I’m not sure if that was the whole problem or not. Anyway, you’re welcome to them for the cost of shipping.

They are the one in this photo:


Is it just me or they look really long on that picture?

Maybe it’s both of us. They do look really long in that pic. I think it could be a combination of being slim, being black (making them look slimmer), and having black pedals. They really are 150’s though. I switched them out for 140’s which I like a lot more. So now I toggle between 125’s and 140’s.