chat ???

Hello everyone.

I was wondering, does anyone here ever use the chat feature on this website? or is it just a feature that has never really been used. It would be fun chat with you guys…


I’ve tried using the chat thing a few times but nobody has been on there. I think someone has to schedule a chat session or something. I’d also like to be able to use the chat part of this site.

maybe someone sould schedule a chat just for chat and unicycling’s sake, but i don’t think you have to schedule i think that is more so someone might really turn up if there is a set time.
I’ve been in there a number of times, but only once was anyone there.I don’t know when a good time would be any thoughts?

Keep checking for schedules because I might set up a general chat session. Will it be using the same time that it uses to tell you when you posted the last thread? GMT?

I’ve scheduled a chat for 9:00pm tonight (GMT). I’ve said more about it in the thread called ‘Chat Schedule - 9:00pm 10/08/2002’

I hope to talk to you all then,
Andrew Carter

A bunch of us get together from time to time and chat on AOL Instant Messanger.

My SN is Smrfnstien

You can find us on occasion in a chat room called “Nemesis” (? SP? )

add your SN if you have one in here and I’ll invite you if your arround the next time we chat.

If you want to chat I’m on there right now in the channel ‘#jpilot