Chat, Friday Night10:45 EST NOW!

Now, anyone?

I’m in

great. More?

cricket chirp

it would not appear so. What’s up?

Give it a couple of minutes. --chirokid–

Waiting Patiently

Thanks to all who joined the chat last night. When I had to sign off, I think we had 9 on the chat. How long did it keep going?

I really enjoyed meeting Zack (zuni) and chatting with Yoopers. Jagur (under his alias) even showed up.

Hope we can do it again soon. --chirokid–

Good thing you went to bed early… We talked about you into the wee hours.:smiley:

I’m glad to hear you choose a PERFECT topic! :wink: --chirokid–

I checked the log. The chatter went on until about 2:20 AM CST. Two of us were there until 4AM CST.

You mean there is a permanant record somewhere?!? Man I have to be more careful what I say about people.:stuck_out_tongue: Chiro is usually up all hours of the night, I was suprised to join in after his initial post, and he was gone. :astonished:

I’m in now.