Chased off by Fereral Marshal

Contrairy to my mental forcast for the day, I took Medina out for a ride at lunch; I decided to make it a tour of Large Public Buildings. After hitting the State Capital- for stairs and The Bell (our State Capatal faces SOUTH BTW, the Old Capital faces West)- I headed across the streat to the Federal buildings. They’re a couple of 70’s bohemouths with OOOODDDLES of steps. I was just finished riding a wide parapet (with a 14’ drop to one side) when the the Uniform with walkie-talkie showed up.

I think law enforcers in general are bored people. This is the second guy who’s waited for me to finish a task before saying, with visible regret, that I have to stop. He actualy recommended that I come back at night. Curious thing: he said that THEY had been talking about me on the radio, and mentioned some of my activies on the other side of the Capital…

I wrapped up my ride by doing the steps at the Old Capital and Veterans Memorial. “This is Unit 9: the subject just cleaned a flight of 8 steps and is South bound…”,“Roger, that Unit 9. This is Unit 6, subject has reached the Old Capital and is initiating a pre-hop… please advise.”


That’s similar to the Universe video when the officer says, “Don’t let me see you doing that, wait til I’m gone.” Sounds reasonable. They could have gotten you for . . . let’s see, unicycling without a permit, pontificating without a license and let’s not forget, spelling offenses. :slight_smile:

BTW, Chris, did you get the message about my semi-tacoed wheel?


Hey Christopher,

Awesome that you are riding - especially in this heat! Also, it is great to see you posting here again. We all miss you when you drop-out.

Today I didn’t have anything nearly as exciting as marshals mess’n with me. Due to my work schedule I went out and did the Tour de Wolf Trail during the heat of the day (long lunch break). I went through my CamelBak in about 1 hour and 30 min. - again. It was a great ride but I missed you, Tim and Lewis. When are we getting together again for some MUni, uni and Asian food? Through Scott Bridgeman I e-hooked-up with a guy from Nashville but then he hasn’t gotten back to me in a while. We’ll see if our circle expands.

Great to have you back,

Re: Awesome!

Scowl You lucky dog… I aught to report you to the Girl Scouts. I’ll have to settle with pointing out that it would be SO nice if your Camel back was just One Lieter Larger… but then it would just lead to this sort of thing:

If a unicyclist pees in the woods, does anybody hear it?

We DEFINATELY need to get together. My hopes to visit the folks in New Orleans this week end fell through. Still, we need to organise a major Southern MUni event… or perhaps a series… ya… humm…

Hey, how did the Arkansas ride go?



I didn’t get to make that ride to Arkansas. Last weekend I had some weird flu-like symptoms and I hardly remember anything about the weekend. I was totaly out of it. I was going to try to make the drive over to Little Rock today but I have too much to do to spend almost 4 hours (there and back) driving. Instead, I’m going to Stanky ( a part that I didn’t get a chance to show the group during our last Delta Rendezvous) that has the largest trail drops I’ve ever tried.

Yes, wrangle in those folks from New Orleans! I’m wondering where those uni-folks are hiding that claim to be from Auburn, Ala. Nobody ever responds to my e-mail. Little Rock seems to be dry of active unicyclist and I know of only one MUnist in Nashville. I’m really glad that Tim is part of the herd now. You and Lewis have got to feret out those closet unicyclist there in Jackson. I love having wide horizons!


I got the hole enchalada!

(wood have replied, too- but got destracted by that ‘work’ thang!)

Pyramid Unicycles do not warrant trueing- I’d stick that sucker on my wall as a trophie. When I read your post, I did a pole dance and chanted, “Go Tim-my, go Tim-my!”.


Re: Re: Awesome!

Sorry, to make room for pics of Sophia’s 2nd Birthday, I deleted that movie. I deleted most of them. I’m still planning to send out the high quality video to everybody involved in that weekend, I just havent got around to making the time yet.