Charm City Unicyclists - where are you?

I know that I’m not the only unicyclist living in or near the Baltimore, Maryland area. Where are the rest you? What kind of riding do you do? How old are you?

I’m 28 years old, and I love to ride MUni, distance, and would like to learn some freestyle skills. I also have an impossible wheel and ultimate wheel, neither of which I have learned to ride yet. I learned to ride about 4 years ago, then took a break for a couple of years, and am just now getting back into the swing of things.

My goal is to increase my average speed on my 29er by 50%. Once I reach that goal I’m going to reward myself with a Nimbus Nightrider.

And oh yeah, unlike many of the members here, I am a woman. :slight_smile:

Oops! I forgot an important question: How many unicycles do you own? :smiley:

Hello. Glad you decided to give a shout out. I ride a 24 around the neighborhood, 36 for distance and I recently got a KH29 muni with which I have ridden the trails at Patapsco State Park.

I’d love to go for ride sometime.

Awesome! I haven’t been to Patapsco yet, although I’ve read good things about it. I haven’t been off-road in at least a month because I’ve been spending lots of time teaching a few people how to ride - so far my little brother and his girlfriend are the only ones to learn successfully, and I’ve got 3 others who are still working on riding unassisted.

Have you heard of this event? They specifically mention unicycles in the very first sentence, so I think that we ought to make a show. :smiley:

OK, I will try to make the Annapolis event.

I will be out of town this weekend and I will be going up to NYC for the Unifest next weekend. Maybe I will see you there.

I live in Germantown, MD which is about an hour from Baltimore. I do get up to Baltimore periodically to help my daughter’s boyfriend renovate his townhouse.

I like to ride muni on my 29er and distance on my 36er. I ride a couple of times a week at Schaeffer Farms in Germantown. I also like to ride from my house to the top of Sugarloaf mountain and back. It is a great 34 mile ride with lots of hills and nice scenery. If anyone is interested in joining me, just let me know. I would also come out for a ride at Patapsco.

Here is a link for an event I did last year and really enjoyed. I did the 25 mile 3 park ride. I did the first 8 miles at Schaeffer Farms on my 29er and then switched to my 36er for the remainder of the ride which is less technical. I am thinking about doing it again this year. Registration for the 25 miler will probably fill up soon.

@UMan: I’ll be there Saturday so hopefully I’ll see you there!

@munimag: That event looks awesome! Unfortunately I’m still working on getting my distance endurance up, so I’m going to have to take a pass this year. Once I’ve worked my way up to it though, that 34 miles ride sounds like it will be terrific.

I’m getting local unicyclists together for a meet and greet on Saturday, September 10th. We’ll be meeting on the track at Druid Hill Lake near the intersection of Madison Avenue and Druid Hill Lake Drive at 5pm. Any local unicyclists as well as people who are interested in learning how to ride are strongly encouraged to come out! Come ride, meet fellow unicyclists, find new riding partners, show off your skills, whatever.

Here’s the Facebook page for the event: Charm City Unicyclists Meet and Greet. Also feel free to join the Charm City Unicyclists group or become a fan of the page. There are so many great places to ride in and around Maryland, it’s really a shame that we don’t have a larger uni presence. Hopefully we can change that!

OK Munimag,

I’d like to sign up for the MoCo Epic event. Let’s sign up for the 25-mile ride, OK?


Sounds great. The 25 miler it is. Let me know when you register.

Have you ridden your 36er on singletrack?

I thought I’d go with the 29 on single track. It would be easier to mount at the rough spots.

Most of the 25 miles are on single track. After the first 8 miles at Schaeffer Farms (which is all single track) there are a couple of miles of dirt roads or pavement between the parks. There are a few rough or steep spots in the single track but most of the Hoyles Mill trail and the Black Hill trails are rideable on a 36. I switched to my 36 guni after Schaeffer so I could get through the easy sections faster. I will probably do the same this year. If you stay on a 29 for the whole 25 miles it would be a long ride.

The Charm City Unicyclists website is now up and running! The CCU logo is still incomplete, but should be finished and updated by the end of this weekend.

Weather looks good for the weekend. Anyone participating in the Montgomery Epic mountain bike ride?

I am registered for the 25 miler. The registration will probably close today because there are only a few spots left before they hit the limit of riders.