Charleston, South Carolina

Normally I never see anyone on a unicycle here, but in the past month I have seen 3 uni riders, but never get a chance to catch up to em n chitchat, It would be fun to go on a ride with a few people one of these days.

Being that I work for Boeing in Seattle, Charleston is on my radar as a possible place to end up. It’s good to know there are others in the area with whom I can ride if my change of venue ever occurs!


buy a big camelback, it gets hot here, but other than that the terrain is very flat, it is a good place to ride a larger wheel uni. and they are getting more bike friendly here every year, it is also a fun place to ride bicycles, one gear is all you need here. and also bring sunblock.

I have family that grew up on Johns Island, that I go and visit once a year. Next time I am out that way I should give you a call.


Need to do a Arthur Ravenell bridge ride