Charity Unicycling - from scratch - any advice?

I had a good chat with Roger at UDC and he has assured me that the 29" Trainer is ideal for what I am planning and sturdy enough to take the punishment. I’m going to meet up with one of the UDC sponsored riders this weekend (weather permitting) and try out his 29" to see if the crank length suits me, thanks Julian!

I’m still pretty new at Unicycling, but I’m doing about 3 miles a day on my 20" at the moment to build up my leg strength and technique.

Thanks once again to everyone who has helped, advised and supported me during this learning process. I am really looking forward to acquiring a bigger wheel and getting some longer rides in. Also, I can then use my 20" to teach my adult son to ride which is a bonus - we can never have too many unicyclists.

This has to be the most addictive sport I’ve ever come across and I can sense many more Unicycles and parts thereof in my future, which is good news for my family as they never usually know what gifts to buy me :smiley:

500 miles to go this year and excited as hell!

I have the 29" UDC trainer, and have been pretty pleased with it. The only change I’ve made is to swap the standard tyre with a 29" Big Apple, but that’s only because I tend to do some rough-ish tracks, and wanted the extra “bounce” the Big Apple gives me. Generally speaking it seems fine, and certainly good for the money, doesn’t feel quite as solid as my 24" Muni, but it’s not sold as such.

I’ll probably replace the pedals at some point too, but the stock ones are quite adequate.