Charity Unicycling - from scratch - any advice?

Ah - thanks Roger, hadn’t taken the curvature into consideration. Yes, it does dip quite sharply in the middle.

I did get round the problem today by wearing my Muay Thai groin guard which kept everything nicely up front and out of the way. My ice-hockey helmet and shin/knee pad combo formed the remainder of my ensemble - quite fetching really :stuck_out_tongue:

It seemed fairly comfortable like that, but I am now starting to look forward to my ‘grown up uni’ upgrade, probably in March (As long as I have no unforeseen expenses before then) :wink:

You’re telling us that adults should be on flat saddles? :wink:

I’d just like a saddle that would allow me to mount it without adjusting things first every time :wink:

The guys on this forum post far too many pics of neat looking Unicycles. I can’t even ride mine more than 12 feet yet and already my wallet is glaring at me with a moody expression…

No, they should have appropriate amount of curvature. :stuck_out_tongue:

A unicycle saddle needs a front on it to hold the rider in place, so giving him the ability to “drive” it. We are not using handle bars (generally) to turn corners. The bulbous front rests against our thighs and allows us to steer. For general riding this need to be quite high on the thigh or there is too much movement and you get excessive wobble and soreness when riding. Although as adult men we also need to not have this too close in… obviously!

The exceptions for this is long distance riding where the more flat saddle like Ken’s comes in to it’s own. On a 36" with handle bars so you lean forward (hence moving the contact point), your legs are move less and steering tends to be done more by leaning than pushing.


Okay - admitted defeat with the curvy junior saddle and I have ordered one from (UK).

I picked this one: Nimbus Gel Unicycle Saddle - Red so hopefully, by the end of this week, the riding will be more comfortable. :o


I’m sure you’ll find an adult seat more comfortable, but don’t be unrealistic about your expectations. You’re still proposing to balance the entirety of an adult male’s weight on one small area. In my experience, the only way to avoid some discomfort from a unicycle seat is to not get on a unicycle seat.

I totally concur, the wider radius curve should squeeze things a little less though :wink:

I’ve tried Speedos, didn’t help me that much, the rib was rubbing.

In addition to my two pairs of cycling shorts I usually use Chamois Butt’r. That and a KH Fusion Freeride saddle was the only way I could get the ride tollerable (the only of several I have that works for me).

WheelieDaft, Hi! How is your learning progress? Did you riding already?

I am ‘free launching’ now from my support post on the tennis court, but my best ride is only 12 pedal pushes (about 10m).

I think I identified a problem with my ride position this morning so will work on that tomorrow. I was leaning forward at the waist/sticking my butt out rather than sitting totally upright over the seat post.

I have only had 7 practice sessions of around 40 minutes each, but I feel I am making progress. :sunglasses:

Sounds good!
Small advice - lean forward not with your head, but push foeward your belt buckle. As result you will have all your body leaning forward evenly.
Keep us updated!

For what it’s worth, I can get my 29 (no handlebars) in the boot/trunk of a taxi with an lpg cylinder in it.

On the comfort front, I wear a pair of running lycra shorts under my pants and I have no problems. I’ve never run in the things… (were a race souvenir from a few years ago)

And not wanting to be depressing, it took me a full 15 hours to be able to ride continuously. Then another five or ten hours to ride five km without a upd.

Browse the older learning threads and you will see how we all worked our way up to riding off into the setting sun :smiley:

Cheers and go hard


The new saddle is great! Well worth the money for the difference it makes in comfort.

I’m not sure how to attach an image here, but I’ve tried to add a pic showing the two saddles side by side. It’s clear from the image that Roger is very correct in asserting that the Reflex comes with a Junior Saddle :smiley:

saddle 600.jpg

I have been trying this riding position for the last two sessions and it does feel a lot better, thank you.

I had to travel into the town to practise this morning as we have snow everywhere. The town centre is covered over and they salt the paths that lead to it so I was able to find an area to use for 40 minutes before the shops opened

I managed 14 pedal pushes as my best ‘run’ (about 35 feet) but it did feel much more controlled than before and was on a slight incline.

You’re nearly there; pretty soon you’ll be able to ride to your exhaustion point, which will start to get further and further. Keep it up!

Glad to hear good news! Keep going! :wink:

Upto 40 pedal pushes now (100 feet) and starting to understand how to turn the Unicycle.

I am planning on getting hold of a 29" Unicycle in a month or two, ready for some long rides for my chosen charity. The only model it seems I will have a chance to afford is the UDC 29" Trainer Unicycle owing to severe budget constraints since I have no possibility of working.

Will that unicycle stand up to thousands of miles of travel with an 85Kg load? Everyone keeps posting about how cranks bend and hubs strip and wheels buckle with heavy use on cheaper unicycles, but the UDC page says that the Trainer series is designed for heavier adults.

Anyone have any experience of that Unicycle?

Image Caption Contest

Sorry for changing the tone of this thread. This post doesn’t warrant it’s own thread…

Last July I did a charity event to raise $$$ for cancer patients. Part of the process I did a TV spot riding in a parking lot of a school with a local TV celeb (FOX).

A picture from that event is posted to FB with a little contest associated with it. Fill in a good caption, get the most likes, and win a pair of event watches.

I’m feeling more confident on my Uni now, so I’ve updated my aims for my chosen charity this year to be riding 500 miles overall, instead of a marathon.

I need a bigger wheel, so if I can’t get anyone to help fund it I’ll probably have to settle for the 29" ‘Trainer’ unicycle from UDC.

I plan on continuing the road-unicycling fundraising beyond this first year and once I have the £5000 for Pendleside will choose any other worthy charities (open to suggestions) to ride for thereafter. I should be able to get 1,000 miles a year in after this initial learning year.

If you’re planning on 500 miles, I would say 36" would help greatly.