Charity ride around the Sea of Galilee

Yesterday was the 30th anual “Ride Around the Sea of Galilee”. It is a ride for charity in northern Israel. A whole bunch of unicyclist participated. I went up north and stayed overnight at Kibbutz Ein Gev on the Sea of Galilee. My wife has a friend there and that would keep her and the kids busy! The ride was to start at 8am so at 7:10 I go to leave the Kibbutz and the police will not let me. They said that the roads are closed because of the ride until 1 in the afternoon. Meanwhile there are still cars on the road. No convincing would change thier minds. So I took my KH29 with 150mm cranks out of the trunk and started riding the 16km to the starting point. There I was to meet Kobi a fellow rider from work and Nimrod the Teacher and President of the Israel Unicycling Organization. Nimrod brought about a dozen students with him. The total distance of the ride was to be 65km. That is the circumference of the Sea of Galilee. We were to do about a 15km stretch of this because of the high number of young riders. (Under 13.) Because the police did allow me to drive to the starting poing it turned out that I did 16km there 15 for the ride and then 16km back with probably another kilometer or two just riding around after the ride. In all close to 50km by 1 in the afternoon! By the way on the way back to the Kibbutz after the ride I am looking at all of the late finishers who are riding oposite to me. There were quite a few three wheeled trikes for people missing legs or with MS. There were some recumbants and other neat cycles, and then I notice a Nimbus 36 with handlebars! I was in shock! I was in awe of this beautifull Uni. and then I recognized the rider. It was Itai who I ride MUni with sometimes. He had actually mentioned getting the Nimbus 36 but I had never seen it. It turns out that he did the whole 65km! I am proud of him! In all quite a few unicycles participated in the ride. Around 15 of us out of probably a few thousand cyclist! I am also happy that I put some kilometers on the KH29. I just don’t ride it that much. Now I am sitting in the ofice nurturing my sore legs! Should of went for a meassage afterwards!

An interesting observation. While doing MUni and Trials I sweat much more and I get so much more out of breath and tired than I did on the long distance ride. However my legs are now very very sore and I never get sore muscles after MUni and Trials riding any more. I guess that it is more the lenght of time that you work a muscle without rest rather than the intesity of that work that makes a muscle sore. Just a thought.