Channel cut in modified KH seat

I have been working on making a more comfortable Coker saddle that is based on the KH Fusion foam and seat cover. I started by cutting a wedge off the nose to flatten the curve and give more room up front. It allows more movement on the saddle for adjusting pressure points and makes the saddle less constricting. That worked OK, but I still got saddle numbness and saddle soreness. Then I experimented with cutting a channel in the middle to relieve pressure points. The channel cut works.

Previous rides on the saddle have been about 10 miles which isn’t long enough to determine how it would be for long distance use. I finally got a long ride in when I did the Chilly Hilly ride, 33 miles and about 4 hours of saddle time. I finished the Chilly Hilly ride with no notable saddle numbness. That’s a first. Previous Chilly Hilly rides with my air saddle have ended with saddle numbness or soreness.

The modified KH foam seat isn’t all perfect. It is a little wider than I’m used to which makes it feel like I’m sitting on something too wide and has made chafing more of a problem. The extra width also affects my pedaling motion a bit and will take some time to adjust to. The foam seat is also much more temperamental about how the cycling shorts are designed, how the pad fits and any seams. There are more problems with chafing and pressure points caused by seams in the shorts. The air seat didn’t have any problems with chafing or pressure points from the seams in my cycling tights. The foam seat does.

For the Chilly Hilly ride I wore two layers of padded cycling shorts under my cycling tights. My cycling tights are not padded, but they do have flat seams. That worked and the two layers of cycling shorts fixed the problem with the seam in the cycling tights.

I’ll have to experiment with other cycling shorts with different designs for the pad. It could be that a different brand of shorts will suit me better with the new seat.

Anyways, pictures of the modified seat are in my Airseat gallery. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. It’s an easy mod that could be made to any KH Fusion and improves the comfort for Coker riding, at least for me.

looks good but could you explain how adding the “channel” will aid in keeping comfortable.

I put one a pad like this one on top of some severely cut down KH foam, under a fusion cover. It works great. The pad isn’t exactly that one. The one I used was a Schwinn Fusion Gel pad from Walmart. It seems to big at first, but when you cinch down the cover it works quite well uncut. It is by far the most comfortable seat of all the ones I’ve tried on my Coker. I think like Scott Wallis’ Road Relief saddle, the key to comfort is the void in the middle. Airseats just don’t cut it.

The channel relieves pressure from soft tissues, nerves, and blood vessels in the crotch, and distributes the weight and support to bones and firmer tissues. The bones in your hips and the firmer muscles are better able to support your weight than the soft tissues.

ahhh ic…hope it works for you.

Cool, thanks for sharing. I’ve been thinking about trying something like this too, especially since I have a spare KH saddle. Of course, if it works, then I’ll have no excuse to not buy a Coker. :wink:

I posted my “Channel” idea a while back and yes, it DOES relieve pressure in the crotch area! Only my channel is waaaaaaay longer and wider than John’s. I used “closed end” foam because it retains its shape well, and is easy to cut and shape. I use a 12" inner tube taped to the base with duct tape, with a small slab of gel just under the mid section of the tube. Have two of these saddles; one for muni and the other for my coker.:smiley:

We need pictures of the insides and outsides of your saddle mod. Describing it with words only goes so far. :smiley:

Hey, I did sortof the same thing on my 26" coker a coupkle weeks ago, but the notch I made isn’t very big because I didn’t know if it would work or not. Right now I can hardly feel it, so I guess I’ll end up taking it all apart again.

What I like about John’s mod is the simplicity. Also, I really want to avoid air tubes, if possible, mostly because they require maintenance.


BTW, I gave this idea to John on the Chilly Hilly — so did you do this because I said that or because it was already in your head? I need money if you get rich… :wink:

his 26 is his biggest wheel so he calls it his coker.


you should put that in your"favourite words" thread.

I’d have to take it all apart. I’ll do it when I get some time and post pics.

Yeah, my 26" LX with 110 cranks is seemingly pretty fast, I can’t imagine what anything bigger would be like…

And I only use it for long/fast road kinda rides, so it’s a coker substitute. Sorta.