Changing your user name?

How do I change my user name? I’ve checked my userCP but can’t find any option to change it.

I don’t think you can without making a new account…

That’s one of those things that only Gilby can do.

is gilby somebody i should know about? :thinking:


gilby holds all power

bows to gilby

gilby owns…

peanut butter!

Gilby is the other God

yes all of on are members of “Gilbology”

I unicycle for Gilby

Gilby also lives in Minnesota.

he’s nvr around :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s busy working with Apple, designing the new iGilby

I love Gilby! :sunglasses:

That would be a paradox. Gilby is an atheist.:smiley:

Terry, I looked all over the site because I wanted to change my user name also. Hey, maybe we want the same one!! I’ll arm wrestle you for it!! Can, you email me the latest video? Since you can’t post it.

I’m attempting to upload it now to my gallery now. Hopefully the clitch has been fixed. Look for a PM from me in a minute!

Hey no hogging…I wanna see it too:)

Re: Changing your user name?

On Mon, 7 Aug 2006 10:24:11 -0500, bugman wrote:

>> Gilby is the other God

>That would be a paradox. Gilby is an atheist.:smiley:

No paradox.
God himself is an atheist, in that he bows to no God.

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