changing tires

this is kind of a thread that asks ‘how to change a tire on a uni?’ and ‘how does this affect a square taper hub/crank or does it not affect it?’. thanks in advance.

this is kind of a thread that no one knows what the hell you’re asking. if you want answers, you must ask direct questions.

now before you ask, search for the answer… i’m sure you’ll find more answers have already been posted than you’ll get in this “kind of a thread”

BTW, changing a tire has nothing to do with your cranks or hub. taking off your cranks to change a tire is like taking off the wheel to change your seatcover. COMPLETELY POINTLESS!

just get the wheel out of the frame, deflate the tire, and pop it off either by hand or use some tire levers, presto

it doesn’t affect the cranks at all, you can easily manuever it around them

Welcoming committee for new people to the forums? :roll_eyes:

no. just the committee to try to get noobs to use something that resembles english, or CTTTGNTUSTRE for short. if s/he’s not from an eglish speaking country i appologize and retract my support for forcing low level english grammar on him/her. but if s/he wanted quality responses, having something that resembled english would have helped.