changing tire question

Have a Duro Wildlife Leopard that came with my Nimbus 24" Is it possible to get the tire off the rim without tire levers (and w/o damaging the rim)? :thinking:

It’s undoubtedly possible to do it without damaging the rim, but it isn’t likely. Why take the chance? Do it right, get tire levers.

Some tires can be taken off and on without tire levers. Some are tough but muscle will work. I don’t know about your rim and tire combination.

But if you need to use tire levers, you don’t necessarily need store-bought tire levers. In theory you can use household items. They just need to be strong enough to not snap and hurt the tire, tube or you, and shaped right to do the job and not cut the tire, but soft enough to not hurt the rim, depending on how aggressive you use them.
Spoon handles? Maybe wooden spoon handles? Drum sticks?

Good store bought tire levers do make life easier.

I’ve used forks, knives, allen keys… Although I hadn’t been too fussed about scratching the rim. If you use foreign items and don’t want to scratch the rim, you can try covering the rim or ‘tool’ with a thin cloth.

But yeah, get some tire levers. :slight_smile:

And squeeze the tire well so that the bead gets to the center of the rim, where the diameter is slightly smaller than on the edges of the rim.


I’ll be headed to the bike store today to get some levers… might as well do it right. I understand from other reading that some of the cheaper ones have tips that break off. Guess I’ll see what the bike shop recommends.

Thanks for all the tips and anecdotes.

I bent all my metal tire levers trying to get the duro off the BX38 rim. But on other Rims it can be much easier, maybe …

I used a fork handle…don’t think I did too much damage…finally I got the tire levers.


…have a Dominator 2 rim… I’ll see how things go tonight…

levers all the way!!!


Was super easy… thank you everyone. :slight_smile: