changing the colour

Hi all, I want to repaint my trial unicycle. What paint can I use for the custom painting? I want to have it in a custom style. If you have done anything similar, please advice. I started searching the articles how to reassemble it.
thanks Terry has a couple of videos on repainting.

The simple answer is, you can use any kind of paint you want.
The question remains, which paint is best for this use?
This depends on the expected use. Since you indicate that you plan to re-paint a trials unicycle, this would suggest “hard use.” Powdercoating is probably the most durable, and would be the most recommended for this use. It will cost more than a can of spray paint, but will last longer, under those conditions.
Automotive-grade paint is also fairly durable, but let’s face it – when the frame hits the pavement, something’s gotta give.
There is one thing to be said for simple spray-can jobs – when it does get dinged up, it’s simple to touch up. So there is that.
Good luck, and post pictures of your results!


Or you can spend $4 and 15 minutes and do this :slight_smile:

Looks great, newob! Is that with a spray can?

Duct tape – available in a rainbow of colors/patterns and protects the frame.

Very cool! Is it a spray paint? How did you prepared the surface before applying the paint? I have this Look what paint I have at home I purchased it a year ago to paint the shelves in a garage. Can i spray it? what do you think?

Thanks guys for all your replies! the powder coating is surely durable, but now I try to save on everything…

forgot to add… I’ll share the photos when I am ready with the painting.

Wow, that is impressive. Couldn’t tell from this photo. Is it more obvious up close? That would be worth doing a video tutorial. Great job!

I did same thing on my 36er for road visibility. Some people think it looks cheesy but I don’t care; I feel safer and frames are protected.

Duct tape has fibers in it, so this gives the frame a kind of textured appearance. This is visible from a few paces, but it would be less visible with a camo/polka dot/Justin Bieber pattern (I actually saw this tape somewhere, though not on uni).

The only trick is to go slow to avoid folds and wrinkles, most of which can be avoided by judicious cutting at bends.

You can just try a piece down length of frame to see how it looks.