Changing seat height

I’m in the market for a used unicycle, and someone near me is trying to
sell a 24-inch Schwinn. The problem is that I am short, and the seat is too
high, even if the seat post is adjusted to be as short as possible.

There still is some seat post left, however, above the highest hole. How
difficult a task would it be for someone to drill an additional hole? If I
was going to pay someone to do it, would it likely cost more than it's
worth? The uni itself would only cost me $40, which I think is a great price
because it seems to be in great condition. So, I wouldn't mind having to
spend a little money to make it fit me, if that's possible.

Please respond via e-mail because I don't read this group that often.
Thanks a lot.

Madelyn Dinnerstein Elyria, Ohio, USA