Changing saddle covers=O KH 2010 street

I just got a new KH 2010 street saddle with two covers. I decided I would like to see the saddle in the other colour. Little did I know it is near impossible to put the darn things on and I’m still trying. I even tried putting the old one on and I got nuttin
Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated

If it is the same as the pre-2009 saddles you need to slip the front on first. Hold on I am taking mine apart to see.

Edit: ummm it was much easier than any other saddle cover I have ever removed and put back on. Just loosen the drawstring a bit, slip the nose of the saddle in from the back between the cover and where the drawstring crosses, get the nose right, pull the back on, re-tighten the drawstring and you are done.

haha I know what you mean.

My mate brought a new uni from UDC nz and because I work there and was round at the time I changed the cover for him and it took like 30min to an hour and it wasn’t even straight lol

I have done this a couple of times. I don’t like messing with the seat. Something that I learned the hard way is that the little nuts, or whatever, up in the seat can be pushed out of place and you can’t get the screws to take hold. This happened to me twice. The last time I was lucky because my husband’s strong hands were able to get it back into place by pushing through the seat foam. The first time it happened I had to take the foam off the seat and put the little nut thing back in place myself. That was a time-expensive pain. So now I am very careful to make sure I don’t get seat cover material in the way of the screws and try not to move the seat too much when the screws are out. I treat it like surgery and I have since had better luck. I hope this made some kind of sense.

As Eric said you need to get the nose tightly in place. What I find works on the older seats (fusion/fusion FR) is to pull the cover on, and turn it inside out as you get to the end. This lets you position the back part over the saddle and get it lined up well, and then you just roll the fabric down the back of the saddle to get it in place.

I have no experience with the 2010 saddle; however, I have re-done the foam on my saddles quite a bit and it never takes more than a few minutes to take the cover off, and put it back on.

Lol thanks for all the advice. I got it on finally last night but was to tired to try out the saddle=( Al though it looks like it’s straight for the most part, There seems to be a lot of air near the middle of the saddle. I can push the fabric down like an inch before it touches the foam. Note: this has nothing to do with the cutaway

tighten the drawstring. :slight_smile:

Haha, if I pulled it any tighter, I’d get rope burn