changing my frames color for under $30?

Hey everyone, I was thinking of changing my unicycles color from red to black, but I want it to be done cheap. Any ideas? Also, does a frame have to be powdercoated to change the color?

its better if its not powercoated.

Sand blast it, spray a few coats of paint on it, spray clear coat on it.


Get paint stripper, strip it, spray a few coats of paint on it, spray clear coat on it.

Let dry, and your uni’s color is different.

I dont think you’ll really need to strip it if your going darker in color.

sand down the existing paint and paint the black over it with a can of spray paint. That will save you stripping it and priming it. Once you’ve done a couple coats of black clear coat it a few times. Than your unicycle will be a different colour… magic :smiley:

Simple answer: Black duct tape.


yep pretty much, can of black, can of clearcoat and some sandpaper is all you need. You don’t need to sand the frame hard, just flat the paint so it has a matt appearance so that the new paint will grip to it well.

How so?

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yeah do what Maestro said, but don’t bother stripping the whole frame, just sand it down a bit so it is a mat looking colour, then respray!