Changing my Coker's seat

After doing 65 miles this weekend, I have come to the decision that I need to replace the standard Coker seat on my 36". From looking at other threads, it looks like the Nimbus Gel is the general preference around here. Is there any complication with making that replacement (ie, replacing the seatpost)? Is there some other seat that would be advised for long distance rides?

My main soreness came from bruising on my butt more than my groin (little bones down there I never knew I had…). Will the nimbus seat correct this? I appreciate any help!

There is actually a general agreement around here that the KH Freeride is the most comfortable seat for long distance. There are very very few serious distance riders who would use a Nimbus Gel for long distance.

That being said, it could still suit you better than a KH Freeride. If you happened to be able to test one for several long distance rides and you like it, go for it.

For me the most comfortable set-up is the 2009 KH Freeride seat with the KH Touring bar.

I have also heard the same.

+2 KH freeride.

Just to be clear, this is what you’re referring to? Is there anywhere that sells it cheaper than that, or is $65 what I’m going to have to pay?

Re: KH Freeride Saddle

Note: The 2008 model is a little cheaper, $54 plus shipping, but it won’t fit the new KH handle bar.

Is there a good seat for long distance?

… setting on the seat.

Nothing yet that I’ve tried really works for me, not for what I would call long distance. Some are better than others. After a few centuries you learn what the word endurance really means. Saturday I rode a customized KH Fusion Freeride and by the end of an 18 hour ride I was standing 40% of the time.

Thanks for the tips so far!
Will the 2008 KH fit on the Coker seat post? Will it make me sit higher or lower on the uni than the Coker seat? Also, I have Coker’s handlebars on the uni now. Will the seat cause any problem there? (I like to be informed!)

bungeejoe: I was afraid that was the answer…

yes, any of the KH or Nimbus saddles will fit, and the 2009 KH seat is better than the 2008 (comfier, stiffer: just read any of the many reviews here).
I’ve not noticed any difference in ride height between the KH 2008, 2008 or Coker seats, you may need to raise or lower the seatpost a tiny bit though.
If you prefer narrow bike saddles, you may prefer the 2008 over the 2009.
The Coker Pi bar will be fine with any of the seats too!

What saddle works best for you depends a lot on how you sit on the unicycle, your riding style and the shape of your body - it varies between people.

Most people do indeed say the KH Freeride is fantastic, but I’ve recently bought a 2008 Freeride and for me the old Fusion is more comfortable, both for short and long rides - but perhaps I just haven’t got used to how to sit on it yet.

Whatever saddle you use though, if you’re riding for more than an hour or so at a time you’ll need to stand up occasionally to get the feeling back to the crotch. Leaning on the handle (even the normal KH one) helps take a bit of pressure off as well.


It is nice to think that I am one of a select special elite :slight_smile: But I have Nimbus Gel saddles on a couple of my unicycles and have clocked up a few thousand comfortable miles on them. The only time I have particularly noticed any slight discomfort was on my RTL qualifying ride, but that was after about 130 miles or 24 hours.

I will admit that I’ve not tried the KH Freeride though. But, all the time I’m comfy enough with the Nimbus Gel, I don’t see any reason to change.


Yeah, I mean if it ain’t broke don’t fix it… Seats are definitely something that riders will have varying degrees of comfort with due to our various human ass shapes.

I like the freeride but for me, it is still not perfect. Maybe this is a function of the frame, but I have a serious desire to be sitting about 8 inches behind where my seat is currently mounted.