Changing Kh20 Moments posistion. TO TIGHT??

HI everyone, I searched a few keywords with the search tool but couldn’t find anything that helped me. At the moment i have had my kh20 for about 2-3 weeks. And the tire is starting to loose a little bit of tread. Anyway i want to take the cranks off and move them 90 degrees. But my problem is the crank bolts are in way to tight and i cant seem to un screw them. The Alen key is the right size they just seem way to tight any help would be great thanks.

Put the Allen Key in, and then get a spare seatpost or whatever and put the spare seatpost around the Allen Key. It’ll give you enough leverage probably, do you have an ISIS Crank extractor? You will need that after you get the Allen bolt off.

Why don’t you just let all the air pressure out of the tire and then grab the rim and move the tire over the rim to a new place of tread on the tire?


just rotate the tire. so easy

In the piece of paper i got with my KH20 it says to take off the cranks and rotate them . It makes the life of the rim, hub and spokes last longer. Its not just for the tire. Where do i get a ISIS crank extractor?
as for moving the tire do i just let all the air out of it then pull it 90 degrees or somefin?

  1. Crank extractors dont cost too much if its over 15$ go look somewhere else. you SHOULD check out you Lbs ( local bike shop) first.
  2. The Best way too doo it is to Take the Tire completely off, and put it back on not on the same side.

I will go to my LBS and check for one. It seems easier than taking off the wheel.

Could my LBS do that for me or will it cost to much for it to be worth it? I Am very protective over my uni and dont wanna screw it up HEHE.

An ISIS extractor isn’t listed on the site but you should be able to get one through them - I did a while back.

Re the LBS, if possible find one that has someone who unicycles on staff. A bike store in a nearby town was selling unicycles that they’d assembled incorrectly.

Don’t rotate your cranks

Unless you have done a lot of rim bashing things recently. Crank rotation is to distribute the landing spot around the rim.

If it is just tire wear, get one of those valve caps that let you unscrew the valve core from the tube. These tires are very light, you can break the rim stick by hand, and move the tire, once the valve stem core is removed. This takes only a minute. You shouldn’t remove the wheel or tire, or need any tools except the thing to unscrew the valve core, and a tire pump.:slight_smile:

TNT should fix the problem, if not get some one else to do it…

I would also recommend keeping the cranks so that they point to the two weak spots in the rim (the valve cap and the join), and just rotating the tire. Not only is it better for the cranks (every time you take them off and put them on it does cause a very small amount of wear on them), but its better for the rim. If you want you could flip them 180 instead of 90, but either way you will have to rotate the tire eventually and its easy to do.