changing hubs/cranks???

hi guys, lately ive been thinking about putting my moment hub onto my flatland/freestyle uni and ordering some short moments and rollos. how do i change the hub and cranks???
steps, guides, tips, tools, etc are all apreciated

Unless your rim is exceptionally awesome I don’t think I would bother taking apart the old wheel to rebuild it with an ISIS hub. Save the old wheel as a backup and upgrade the rim at the same time as the hub/cranks.

One of the best online tutorials for wheel building is on Sheldon Brown’s site.

For your first wheel build all you will need is a spoke wrench, flathead screwdriver, and about 7 hours, haha. Dont expect the first time to be quick and easy, but in the end its a skill well worth learning. By the third or so wheel I was down to about 30-40 minutes from start to riding.

The advice above is right tho, prolly not worth swapping your hub out. Keep that wheel build and buy an extra hub to put in. Your gonna end up missing your trials wheel, no matter how much you like the 20" setup.