Changing DH tires

I took mine off the KH rim, popped it putting it back on. Used the big metal levers. I am not sure how one changes a flat easily as these are really hard to put on/take off. Its more then half the rim too. Anyone have (tube safety) hints on this? Never popped a tube before changing a tire but never had to fight a tire so hard to put it on/take it off. I feel a little stupid lol,

I’ve done this (popped a tube) before with my gazaloddi on a 26" Planet X downhill rim. Happened at an airport in Australia, when I’d just landed, and had been on planes for 24 hours, and had no idea where the bike shop was (thanks to Geoff from Sydney for sorting me with a tube!)

It won’t even go back on without severe persuasion. It took two of us half an hour to replace it, using tyre levers and a screwdriver.

All the other tyres I have on unicycles and bikes, I can get off and on with fingers and no levers, it is just this one that defeats me. It doesn’t help that the rim I have has almost no depression in the middle, making it harder to change tyres.


I broke three levers mounting my TRYALL last week and I am a bike mechanic! The idea of getting a flat and fixing it on the trail is sorta pie in the sky, I walked out the one time I had a breakdown, but it was only a mile. Flats are rare, esp if you use a good tube and tire.

If you’re not a bik e mechanic, the you need to practice, it also helps to have an older tire and warmer weather. Some tires, like the Kenda Kolossal, go on with any effort, I think the Intense, Gazz, and Duro are pretty easy also, though it depends on you rim as well. Try using something slippery on the tire bead, like extra soapy water, this is what tire stores use when installing tight tires.

OK, now I feel a little less retarded. I was thinking how DUMB it would be almost to really carry a spare as I have no idea how I would do it. At least the trails I’m looking at eventually are 6 miles are less around but that would be a loooong walk. Good thing I also almost never flat in general on anything I’ve ridden!

Thanks for the soapy water trick. So on just the tire? I had the Duro but it did not like me. The KH rim is great but not so hot for tires. I do assist the bike mechanic so I felt really stupid. And there are no shops around here that carry 24" fat tubes. I almost broke the plastic tire levers, switched to the metal. I got the long handle DH lever and that got it on but was wondering if instead of cup up, I should have put it on cup down. Usually I can pry the tire on with my hands, not on this rim!

Definitely put some Slime or other stuff in that tube. I believe it’s worth the weight penalty as I’ve had no issues with flats ever since. Granted it’s not going to make your tire bullet proof, but could save you from some long walks! :slight_smile: As for general tire changing, I think it just takes practice, plus the newer the tire the harder it is to work with; at least that has been true with the Gazz, Duro, Creepy Crawler, Hookworm and Big Apple tires I’ve had the pleasure of mounting and unmounting! The softer/thinner sidewall tires are easier to mount but can damage easier in general, the opposite is true for the thicker sidewalled tires. Indeed I’ve broken many a tire lever, but never have punctured the tube; you don’t really need to go that far under the tire. Also make sure that tube is as deflated as you can get it to be on dismounting the tire. Good luck!

In my mtb days I’d have to buy a new set of plastic levers at least once a year and that’s w/ XC tires. Now I only use metal levers.

I’d get some really long ones, like these. I usually need three levers, so you could pry the tire off w/ these and hold it in place w/ one of your current levers while you move the long one to another spot.

Haha it must be my motocross tire experiance but i just changed my tire in about 5 minutes with only using my hands. Or trials must be easy or something. :sunglasses: