changing cranks - putting 125mm on 24" MUNI

I have the new Nimbus MUNI 24" with the Duro Leopard tire. I do light MUNI right now with only small hills and a few minor roots/bumps as obstacles (probably closer to XC than what most consider MUNI). The 150mm cranks that came on it still feel long and awkward to me. I realize that more seat time would fix that, but I bought some 125mm Qu-AX cranks from UDC and I’d like to try them. It would give me a little more speed on the 24" which would help me keep up with my 6-year old son on his b*ke.

Anyway, I have 2 questions:

1- How easy/difficult is it to change cranks on an ISIS hub? Is there anything I should know ahead of time? (I already bought an ISIS hub tool/puller)

2- Does anyone actually ride technical MUNI trails with a 24" wheel and 125mm cranks or is it just not enough leverage for technical MUNI?

Thanks as always…

If you have purchased the ISIS crank tool then you should not have any trouble getting the cranks off. When you re install the crank arms just make sure that they start onto the splines fairly easily and then you can carefully tap them on a bit further, install the bolt & tighten them up.

I use 150’s on my KH 24 & like them so have not tried the 125’s. For your stated usage the 125’s should work just fine & as you mentioned just might help you to keep up to your little guy. :slight_smile:

Hi Madfurai,

Check out this video by Terry on crank removal. Its very straightforward, especially since you have the correct tool.

Also check out Leo Hawkes. He is a Voodoo Unicycles rider and rides fast, technical muni on a 24" with 125s :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

I tried 125’s on my 24x3 nimbus. Mainly used for general purpose road/path/mild off-roading, as opposed to serious technical muni.

I found the very slight increase in speed wasn’t worth the loss of control, and switched back to 150’s.

At the end of the day, a muni with 125’s is always going to have less of a leverage advantage to one with 150’s.

However, as you’ve got 125’s you may as well give them a try, you may well come to a different conclusion.

Having said that, the videos of the guy using 125s are an interesting watch- he clearly makes them work for him.

Thanks guys. I got the cranks on sale from UDC for $10, so I might as well try them and see what I think. For the type of riding I’m doing right now, I don’t think loss of leverage will be much of an issue. If I ever start doing more difficult single track stuff, I might end up going back to the 150mm, or possibly try the 137mm KH moments.

I used to be anti 125’s (just didn’t feel right). Last week I threw them on my 29er and kind of liked it (wierd). For xc riding it can definitely work. I think it can take awhile to get used to it so I’m planning on keeping them on for a few weeks to see how I adjust.

There are definitely no rules with unicycling, try it, if you like it stick with it.

Dang! Leo kicks ass!

For easy MUni, 125s are fine; I’ve ridden a 29er with 110s on fairly technical trails. You have to be more willing to flow over things, and if you’re doing any steep downhills, you’ll want a break. It definitely makes easy trails more fun, and there are even some things that are easier to ride with shorter cranks (like short, steep uphills or berms).

I use 125mm on my 24 muni, and use either 125s or 137s on my 26 muni. They work for me.

Changed the cranks out today. It was a snap with the ISIS puller. Went for a ride around the neighborhood with a few moderate hills. I like it so far, but I can tell that if I ever did really technical Muni on rocky terrain that I would want to go back to the 150’s. The loss of leverage would become a factor with lots of major inclines or declines, too. I might eventually buy some KH 137’s which seem like a better compromise, but for what I’m doing now, the 125’s will work fine.


… I’m wondering if you tried the 137s like you had planned and any conclusions you have come to. I, too, have the 150s on a 24 and am looking to go a bit shorter…