changing a spoke

i just got charged $20 to change a spoke at my lbs. i was wondering if anyone has a good tutorial for changing a spoke, cause i dont want to pay this much again

20$ is a bit steep. but it ay have been there first unicycle, so they may have had trouble with the cranks or with the truing stand, or spoke tension gadge.

it is tipically around 1-2 bucks for a spoke and 10-15 bucks to true a wheel.
sheldon brown has good tutorials for stuff like that, but i recomend getting a truing stand before replacing spokes.

the best way to prevent broken spokes is even tension and brass nipples.

Sheldon Brown’s tutorial is excellent, i built my first wheel (a 36") using it a few weeks ago.

I used Sheldon Brown’s tutorial too when I replaced two spokes a few weeks ago. I didn’t use a truing stand, I just held the uni upside down and used the eye and the thumb method. I think it’s true enough, but I have no way of checking it.

But then again, it rides very well and that’s all that matters.