Changing a Duro Crux 29" Tire on KH 29" x 55mm Wide Rim

I have a relatively new KH29". It was extremely hard for me to get the Duro Crux 29" x 3.25" tire on the KH 29"/700c x 55mm wide rim. I was told it is a very tight fit so that you could ride tubeless, if desired.

Can someone please provide tips on how to get such a tight fitting tire onto/off of this rim? It was so hard, that I wonder if I’m be better off taking it to a bike shop.

Thanks in advance.

I had the same experience with a KH 27.5 with Duro Crux. Snapped several plastic levers. Had to resort to metal levers. To re-mount the tire I rubbed the rim and the tire bead with a bar of Ivory soap in the hopes that would make it more slippery. It was still by far the most stubborn tire/rim interface I have ever experienced.

Agree with you. Really hard to fit in. We did it a few days ago with my girlfriend. It took us 15 minutes and 4 plastic levers. :frowning:

I’ve done this twice, not easy, just used plastic tyre levers but the type that can hook onto the spokes leaving both hands free. This allowed me to take my time getting the second lever inserted and very carefully moving over the rim.